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Find a natural daily flow with Pipling's tree babies classes to connect, share and love!

Hey, welcome along to my blog!

If you are wondering what tree babies is all about keep reading and you will get a feel for whether or not you and your family would benefit from joining us.

The aim of Pipling's tree babies classes are to find a natural flow that you can embody into your own natural family rhythm. Let's start with the science. We will start the group by tapping into our parasympathetic nervous system, this is known as rest and digest, the nervous system that heals our bodies and promotes healthy bodily functions. The parasympathetic nervous system can be stimulated using the breath and movement, taking us out of out fight or flight mode which is when we feel anxious or stressed, like getting out of the house on time with a baby that has an explosive nappy as you get in the car! We focus on the breath, use grounding and mindfulness techniques to get parents in a calm and happy mindset. We encourage baby wearing as your babies parasympathetic nervous system will also be stimulated by your movement and rhythm reducing their stress, enhancing their immune system, digestion and healing. It also provides them with a baseline of calmness and attachment, they will feel your shift in energy and attune to your mood.

The class is guided by the babies, there is no expectation for them to 'behave' in a certain way, we can adapt the flow to suit their needs. You will be encouraged to explore the area by taking part in forest bathing (no stripping required) with your baby and stimulating your senses through nature. Forest bathing originates from Japan following a rise in stress and a decline in mental and physical health in the 1980’s following an increase in the digital age. It translates as taking in the forest atmosphere during a leisurely walk, studies show just 15 mins can have a positive effect on stress hormones and reduce mental and physical health conditions such as depression and hypertension. Further studies also found the compound phytoncide has been shown to boost immune systems and lower stress, this can be found in trees, the effects were the same when the compound was diffused into a room via an essential oil. How amazing is that? Hug those trees!

When you find a spot you are drawn to, please sit for 5 minutes, I will provide you will a small journal to note down your reflections or record any nature inspired sketches. Journalling in nature can improve your mood and give you a greater sense of overall emotional well-being and happiness. The group will come back together to take part in some nature art creations, this is my favorite part, I love being creative! We will collect fallen debris from the area and create a beautiful nature mandala, the circular design of a mandala symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected. We will enjoy a social tea and natter and finish the group reflecting our gratitudes or with a short poem.

Nature has a positive impact on own wellbeing by offering an opportunity to slow down and find wonder in a natural environment by observing and being present. I can share this with my family and often the solution to any tension in our family is resolved by a visit outside, even it is discovering a caterpillar or worm in the garden. My hope from attending a tree babies class is that you will be able to take some time to replenish and shake off the effects of winter and easing out lock down by connecting with others to build relationships for you and your children. Feel confident in following your parenting intuition and introduce daily nature experiences as part of your family life.

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