Bournemouth & Poole Welly Bank

A collaboration between Piplings and Dorset Wild Explorers 

We know outdoors is free, however sometimes keeping up with growing children to have waterproof gear that can keep them warm and dry (like wellies, waterproofs etc) can be expensive! Through the welly bank ANYONE can make a request for items and also offer items they no longer need.

This a completely FREE community initiative.

We’re hoping to give more families the opportunity to get outside and access wild spaces.

What is a welly bank?

Recycle your outdoor wear that you or your children no longer need by donating it to the welly bank, this enables other families to be able to access nature all year round with the expense of buying all the gear brand new each time their child grows. This free initative and we ask that you donate items in good condition that still have plenty of uses.

Image by Rupert Britton

How do I access the Welly Bank?

You can join the facebook by clicking the button below and adding a post with any items that you have to recycle, you can also post any requests you may have. Alteranitvely you can drop me an email and let me know any items you have to donate or requests and I will reach out to the community on your behalf.


Image by Markus Spiske


Kate and I are both really passionate about the benefits nature has on families and know there can be barriers especially in the winter when yu want to get outside and don't have the right clothing. Its no fun when your hand and feet are locks of ice. We share similar values and see first hand how being outside positively impacts the wellbeing of families we get to meet.

We both offer free social meets outside and want to ensure all families can attend, which is where the idea of the welly bank came from. Accesibility and inclusivity for all families.

You can head over to the book online tab for my free walk and talk events and click the button below for Kate's events.


Image by Lukasz Szmigiel